Thermal Inkjet Printer Technology

TIJ Printers

About :

RATMAS systems provides Thermal inkjet (TIJ) technology based printer developed by Hewlett Packard. The print head can be mount on any machine with 10 inch touch screen Display with easy human machine interface. The Printer is compatible with all water and solvent based HP cartridge and print bonding is achieved on all absorbent and semi absorbent surface swiftly and surly.

TIJ Features

Printer has Touch screen 10 inch display make printer easy and fast setup.User can Select and print directly from the saved files inside printer, Touch screen based text size, shift and angle settings available on Printer. Printer is Compatible with 12.7 and 25.4mm heads size cartridges on same head and Can support 4 Cartridge head and Print 12.7 to 100mm.Printer can suport any Brand Cartridge with Parameter setting. Printer can Print 6 varaible data itself and Dynamic QR Code,Barcode throght LAN based command.

TIJ printer Integration

Printer has USB and RJ45 LAN integration protocols to integrate the other systems,and can communicate with Print commands.