01. Interactive User Interface :
Interactive user interface is a feature that is common to all smart vending machine. To make it interactive smart vending machines are equipped with touchscreen that allows user to select their choice product. In addition to this, we can use customized application to vend product in touch less way.

02. Hassle free Vend :
We have make easy and simple vending mechanism that allow user to Select > Choose Product > Pay > Vend.

No confusion and No Complications. Different payment options are available in the machine.

03. IoT enabled Machine :
The Internet of Things (IoT) enables smart vending machines to help retailers meet customer expectations for convenient, personalized shopping wherever they are. IoT edge devices, such as touchpads and touchless displays, offer dynamic, interactive purchasing. Smart vending machines can apply artificial intelligence and analytics to device data to sense and deliver tailored experiences. They can return valuable customer data to the vendor. Wireless connectivity enables fast, secure transactions. Retailers can easily conduct business anywhere and reduce costs while improving customer satisfaction.

04. Inventory Tracking :
Our smart vending machines allow the owner to keep a track of the inventory of various products stored in the machine. This helps to reduce the loss of sales due to lack of proper inventory in place. The smart vending machines can be integrated with web based vending solutions that allow the owner to do the needful.

05. Automatic Refund :
Vending Machine gets customer by building customer trust. If there is issues in vending machine and machine fails to dispense, there is provision to auto refund in different payment mode.